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The Cradle
Re-experience your childhood sleep
Swinging beds, musical stairs & multi-storied cottages

The Cradle - Dutch style cottages in Pondy

Experience the first Dutch-style rooftop cottage and 2D-themed rooms in India, nestled in the heart of Pondicherry. Discover a fusion of cultures and artistic wonders as Dutch elegance meets vibrant Indian colors. Unwind in our enchanting spaces, capturing panoramic views and immersive 2D illusions. Let us paint your memories with a masterpiece stay in Pondicherry.

Why book with us


  • Swinging Beds

  • Cottage experience on the rooftop

  • 2D themed rooms

  • Jacuzzis

  • 10 minutes to rock beach

  • Private parking

People say the nicest things… 


“By far the finest themed hotel I've ever seen in India”

Abhimanyu Sengupta



“Reminds me of my village in Netherlands”


Vincent Lubbers



“The concept of the hotel is very unique. The staff very friendly, clean and a delightful stay”

Ajith Santhosh

Where to Book

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